That which you worship, you do not understand

Greg in Golden, Colorado
I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth....and touched the face of God.

I'm Greg Kane, MD. I live and work in metro Denver, Colorado, USA.

Day job
I make my living helping attorneys screen medical malpractice claims. I started doing this in the 1980s. I like it. I'm good at it. If you are an attorney who needs these services, surf over to

Civic duty
Because my undergrad education was in math, and because we doctors are trained in the mathematics of the meaning of imprecise physical tests, I happen to know how DRE/ DIE validation studies should be done, and how the the results of "scientific" SFST and DIE tests are correctly interpreted scientifically—and it ain't how the NHTSA and American traffic police do it. The government uses SFSTs an DIEs to convict innocent people. I see helping folks correct that injustice as my civic duty.

Expert testimony
I've written and testified about traffic-police SFSTs and DRE/ DIEs for a number of years, but being an expert witness in DUI and DUID cases is not what I do for a living. A day in court for a DUID case has substantial med-mal day job opportunity costs for me. Still, from time to time I do testify in DUI and DUID cases. These days I limit myself to appearances in Colorado's front range, or to phone/Skype testimony out of state. In exceptional cases, I might consider travel.

I do find this stuff interesting, so if you're an attorney with a DUI or DUID case you'd like to discuss, I'd love to chat





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